DJ Gloria Ansell – a young, dynamic and talented female DJ with a mixed heritage from Hong Kong and Australia, will have your partygoers dancing and jumping to her wicked style of music.Gloria Ansell is one of few female DJs who really know the tables and equipment using techniques that directly enhance her sound. Her experience has allowed her to learn all the tools and tricks of the world’s best DJs, but she doesn’t let them overshadow the root of the art form. Gloria Ansell’s passion is to showcase fresh music while combining it with smooth and accurate integration – to mix musictogether making it sound better than the original. She is both pleasing toGloria Ansell’s musical style is largely influenced by contemporary, upbeat vocal funky house,yet she also plays a wide range of music to suit the crowds’ tastes, spinning anything from house, tech house or progressive house, to minimal, techno or psy-trance genres. She doesn’t confine herself to a single genre or style of music. She loves it all! Quoted as being “not only a skilled dj, but an enthralling performer”, she brings people together and heightens the energy in the room. Her music is always played in new and creative ways so that every set is enjoyable and unique. Gloria Ansell has been praised on numerous occasions by partygoers who can’t help but experience her passion and devotion to her profession through her sets.Not only does Gloria Ansell know how to get the dance floor pumping, but she can also read the crowd, and get a feel for what the people want. She commits herself to entertaining and satisfying the needs of the clubbers. Dance floors have erupted with her on-stage performance and partygoers from across the globe repute Gloria Ansell’s talent and energetic approach asthe key to their memorable clubbing experience. Her passion and love for the music extend lively vibes out to the masses inspiring the partygoers to want more and to keep them coming back.

Some of Gloria Ansell’s favorite clubs he performed:

  • Pepper Club – Shenzhen China
  • Miami Club – Xi’an China
  • Playhouse – Guiyang China
  • 15CM Electronic Music Factory – Xi’an China
  • Fusion Club – Shanghai China
  • OMNIA Day club – Los Cabos Mexico
  • Baroq House – Melbourne
  • Niki Beach – Miami
  • Sky Garden – Bali
  • Bora Bora – Ibiza


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